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Student Spotlight: Meet Amaya Joseph

Meet Amaya Joseph, 15, from Florida. Amaya always remains focused on her goals and tries to see the positive in every situation by not entertaining negative thoughts. This mindset is giving Amaya the strength to pursue a career in one of the various ballet companies rather than boxing herself into a company just because of her skin color.

Student Spotlight: Meet Shaunaughsey Meagher

Meet Shaunaughsey Meagher, 12, from Ontario, Canada: Studio Cirque and Dimensions in Dance. To conquer negativity she finds that positive affirmations help and talking things through with her parents helps.

Student Spotlight: Meet Barbara-Anne Dutil

Meet BarbaraAnne Dutil, 17, from McKinney Texas! She always surrounds herself with people who support her and encourage her in positive ways. Because you're the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with and if they are negative. You will too!

Student Spotlight: Meet Jayla Anderson

Meet Jayla Anderson, 14, from Maryland Dancemakers. Her mom always told her to be the best Jayla she can be and only focus on her. So when met with setbacks and negativity she tries to ignore them and focus on her goals.

What Are The 5 Things Dance Really Teaches Us & How Do We Overcome It?

You love to dance, right? How amazing is it to get on stage and show a dance that you’ve been working on FOREVER to an appreciative audience? It doesn’t get better than that, for real. But, if we are being totally honest, if all we are doing is spending months and months on ONE dance, then we have totally missed the point of what dance is REALLY about. So let’s count it off…5 things dance really teaches us!

Student Spotlight: Meet Summer-Rose

Meet Summer-Rose, 8, from England and Florida. When faced with negativity she says you need to rise above it and remember always to be kind and good things will happen.

Student Spotlight: Meet Faith McCleary

Meet Faith McCleary, 8, from Warren Ohio James Dance and Performing Arts Center. When people try to break her spirit. She keeps her head high and focus on carrying herself with confidence and a spirit of humbleness.

Student Spotlight: Meet Layla Abdo

Meet Layla Abdo, 11, from Stars Dance Studio in Miami, FL. When faced with negativity she uses a positive thought jar that is full of inspirational quotes. And When she has a negative thoughts in her head she tries to block it out.

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