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The 6 Best Dance Superpowers

As dancers, wouldn’t it be so cool if you had a superpower to help you out with dance? The ability to easily slide into your splits or never be late to class sounds quite appealing. Let’s face it, they WOULD make our lives easier. So, here are some dance superpowers we all want to have.

4 Tips and Tricks for Preventing Burnout

Are you struggling to juggle your dance dreams with other demands? Discover some tips and tricks to prevent burnout, creating a meaningful and successful life.

The 7 Worst Parts Of Recital Season

Yes, recital season is the time to show off everything you learned over the year to your family and friends. However, it is one of the more stressful times. From rehearsals, to costumes, to recital day, there are many parts of recital season that aren’t the most fun. We reached out to our dance community and asked them, what is your least favorite part of recital season?

The 6 Best Parts Of Recital Season

Recital season is here! Have you been practicing all your dances? Are you nervous to dance on stage? And most importantly, are you excited to perform all of the amazing dances you learned? Today, we asked our dance community what their favorite parts of recital season are, and here’s what they had to say.

Dance Student Spotlight: Aly and Sophie Rozdilsky

Meet Aly and Sophie Rozdilsky. They live in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and dance at UB Ballet and Abby Lee Dance Company. They have had to battle huge time differences in order to train with their favorite dance company, often waking up at 3:30 am to participate in a 4:00 am class.

9 Ways To Get Recital Ready

Recital season is just around the corner! Of course, if you’ve been going to competitions, you probably know the drill by now. But if this is your first recital or you have no idea how to prepare, we’re here to help! Here are 9 ways to prepare for a recital.

Dancers Favorite Hairstyles

As dancers, we have to keep our hair out of our face. So a messy bun with hairs sticking out, isn’t going to cut it. So what are some great hairstyles to wear for dance? We reached out to our dance community and asked for their favorite hairstyles to help give you some inspiration. 

The 10 Worst Parts Of Dance

Even though becoming a professional dancer may be your dream job, every job has its downsides. Being a dancer is an amazing career, but it would be nice to know a few of the cons before jumping in. So, we reached out to our dance community and asked: from your experience, what is the hardest part about dance?

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