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Dance Student Spotlight: Amira

Meet Amira and she is 11 years old. She lives in Germany and she dances at John Cranko School. She has had people she used to call friends at her old dance studio who just didn't believe in her.

5 Black Dancers

It’s black history month! And what better way to celebrate than highlighting some influential black dancers.

Dance Student Spotlight: Isabella Valentina Rodriguez Camacho

Meet Isabella Valentina Rodriguez Camacho and she is 13 years old. She is from Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico, and she dances at Paty Geyer Dance Center. She struggles with making turns.

Dancer Things: Part 6

Make sure to read our previous articles of Dancer Things: Parts 1-5. Now, without further ado, here is Part 6!

Dance Student Spotlight: Madeline Fossick

Meet Madeline Fossick and she is 10 years old. She dances at Legacy Dance Studio and she lives in Nashville. Choreography didn’t always come easily for her.

An Overview Of Dance Styles: Part 2

Can you believe how many styles of dance there are?! One of the ways dance is different from other sports is its variety. There’s no one way to dance (unless the style has certain foundations). So, without further ado, here are 5 more dance styles you might want to check out!

Dance Student Spotlight: Deanna Rusov

Meet Deanna Rusov and she is 12 years old. She is located in Lincoln RI. The name of her studio is Stephanie Kemp New England Dance Academy. She pushes herself every day to train hard.

An Overview Of Dance Styles: Part 1

Is it your first time taking a class? Did your friend show you their favorite style, but you’re not sure if that’s the one you want to do? Well, we got you covered! Today, we’re going to give you a brief overview of some styles of dance (in case you don’t have time to try them all).

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