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Dance Student Spotlight: Nadia Threadgill

Meet Nadia Threadgill, 13, and she lives in Longview, TX. She dances at The Dance Studio Longview. She tries to be friendly with everyone she meets, no matter the circumstances.

Dance Student Spotlight: Phylicia Chew

Meet Phylicia Chew, 9, and she lives in Malaysia. She dances at TutuToe Dance Academy. One of her major achievements was winning The World Champion title in her age group Classical Ballet at Get The Beat World Finals in Bangkok, Thailand in December 2019, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You Know You're A Dancer When...

As dancers, we all have those moments when we do something different from everyone else. From practicing our dance routines while talking to our friends, to sleeping in passé, we have all been guilty of some dance quirk. So, whether you spot while sitting on a rolling chair or you dance in the shower, here are some weird things that all of us dancers have done at least once (but probably more). You know you’re a dancer when...

Dance Student Spotlight: Isabella Ortiz

Meet Isabella Ortiz, and she is 10 years old. She is from Monterrey, Mexico, and her Studio is Andreina Ballet Coaching. She is preparing for the dance world championship in Poland next year.

Dance Student Spotlight: Presley Baird

Meet Presley Baird, 14, and she lives in Dallas, TX. She goes to Dana’s Studio of Dance/ DV8. She has extra bones in her feet that limit her arch her range of movement and often cause pain.

Dance Student Spotlight: Chloe Liddle

Meet Chloe Liddle, 11, who lives in Northern Virginia. She dances at Creative Dance Studio. Her sister was on the studio dance team, and she wanted to follow in her footsteps, so she joined as soon as she could.

9 Things To Do After A Long Day Of Dance

While some of us may only spend a few hours at the studio a week, for others, the studio has become a second home (because of how much we are there). But whether you spend all morning, all afternoon, all day, or even just a few hours at the dance studio, you need time to relax. And if you’re too exhausted from dance to think of what to do, we got you covered. We reached out to our dance community and asked them, what do you do after a long day of dance?

Dance Student Spotlight: Skyla Lucena

Meet Skyla Lucena, who is 10 years old. She dances at Dancing Plus in Florida. Currently, she is a Mini Assistant for Intrigue.

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