5 Benefits Of Flexibility

We understand not everyone will be able to drop into the splits on command. And not every style requires the splits. However, flexibility is still important. Why? Here are 5 benefits to flexibility.

  1. Increase your range of motion

The more you can move your limbs around, the better. Whether you can go down a little farther or stretch your leg a little more, you can overall have more access to all your body can do.

  1. Decrease in injury

More range of motion means there’s less stress on the muscles. Therefore, lower risk of injuries.

  1. Less pain

Have you ever noticed as you get farther in the splits, the pain slowly goes away? The more you stretch, the less pain you have because your muscles are building up a tolerance.

  1. Better balance/posture

Increasing your range of motion and flexibility helps maintain better posture and alignment.

  1. Increase blood flow

Flexibility helps with blood flow because you’re moving your body in more ways.

So, have we convinced you to stretch more? And before you start stretching, make sure you’re stretching properly as improper stretching can lead to injuries. Remember, you don’t need to have your splits to have flexibility. And head on over to our social media @more_than_dancers for more dance related content!

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By: AJ (Intern)

Apr 7, 2023

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