Student Spotlight: Meet Gabriella Alleyne

Meet Gabriella Alleyne, 18, from New York City. She has been dancing at the Dance Theatre of Harlem since she was 10 years old. And this fall she will be going to be a dance major at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

Student Spotlight: Meet Addison Grace Mouser

Meet Addison Grace Mouser, 15, from DALLAS, Texas! She learned pretty quickly how to block out the negative and not invite what others say into her own brain and way of thinking. #SuperPower

13 Tips for Attending a Dance Convention

Attending dance conventions is a huge part of exponentially growing as a dancer. Some say that for every 1 convention you attend, it is like 6-12 months of experience you're gaining. Say what..... During a dance conventions, you can expect to build friendships, adaptability skills, confidence, resiliency and strength as a dancer. For anybody wanting to grow and get better as a dancer or a person it is the place to be! Let's begin Here are 13 Tips for making each dance convention a successful experience!

Student Spotlight: Meet Jenna Jarboe

Meet Jenna Jarboe,12, from Indianapolis Indiana Expressenz Dance Center. When faced with Negativity she uses it to fuel her dancing and not to bring me her down. She simply takes the words and adds it to her passion, she says "there isn’t a better feeling than dancing out the hate". .

Technique: How to Find a Higher Relevé

As dancers, our feet are one of the tools necessary for the job. So, we are always working on strengthening and stretching our feet. One thing almost all dancers desire is a higher relevé. But how do you get a higher relevé? Here are MTD tricks on getting a higher relevé.

Student Spotlight: Meet Ava MacDonald

Meet Ava MacDonald, 13, from Ontario, Canada Edmunds Towers School of Dance. When faced with negative talk she just ignores it, tries not to think about it, and move on. #SuperPower

Student Spotlight: Meet Chloe Colter

Meet Chloe Colter, 16, she trains privately with Olga Pavlova in Texas, but she lives in Colorado. She keeps her goals and dreams in front so that when faced with negative she can let them go through one ear and out the other.

Student Spotlight: Meet Morgan Davis

Meet Morgan Davis, 17, from the Houston Ballet Academy in Houston, Texas. She conquers her negative self-talk by growing her relationship with God to help her understand her worth.