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Benefits of Journaling for Dancers

Before journaling became really popular, and before all of the posts you see on Instagram and Pinterest, it was actually just a straightforward, practical method of writing out your thoughts and planning your schedule. There have been many benefits linked to writing out your thoughts, ideas & goals. 

15 Words And Phrases That Mean Something Totally Different To Dancers

As dancers, we really do have a language of our own. Here are 15 Words And Phrases That Mean Something Totally Different To Dancers.

Oversplits: What You Need to Know

We all have that one friend who is uber flexible and as dancers we are all always working on flexibility. But sometimes our stretching practices can end up being more harmful than helpful in the long run. What are the dangers of Oversplits?

Spotlight: Dara Holmes

Meet Dara Holmes, 28, from The Joffrey Ballet of Chicago.

Dance Student Spotlight Naomi King

Meet Naomi King, 10, from Maryland where she dances at Dance Expressions.

Dance Student Spotlight: Taylor-Tatiana André

Meet Taylor-Tatiana André from Tampa, Florida. She believes that you need to Dance from your heart and let the passion shine through.

5 Tips that Will Guarantee You Increase the Height of Your Jumps

Here are some pointers for increasing the height of your jumps and leaps.

Technique: Finding The Extra Turn

So, how do you get the balance and power to get more turns? We asked some teachers for tips, and here is what they had to say...

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