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Did You Know: Dance Facts Edition

Considering dance has been around for 1000s of years, it has developed some pretty interesting fun facts. It might surprise you how early professional dancers retire. Or maybe you’re curious as to how many shows the Rockettes do each season. From how many bobby pins are lost a year to the world’s longest conga line, here are some very interesting dance fun facts.

Dance Student Spotlight: Caitlynn Lauren Senjaya

Meet Caitlynn Lauren Senjaya, 11 years old, and she lives in Indonesia. She dances at Clara Ballet School. And until now, her most memorable experience was when she entered the top 12 of YAGP and was invited to the finals in Genoa, Italy.

Dance Student Spotlight: Meloney George

Meet Meloney George, 18, and she lives in Greenfield, OH. She dances at Modern Movement Dance Company. Dance has taught her how far hard work can get her.

Dance Student Spotlight: Bella Robson

Meet Bella Robson, and she is 10 years old. She trains at Bodyrockerz School of Dance trained by Sophie Arjomand and KT Dance Academy trained by Tegan Badejo. She is looking forward to getting back to competing as due to the pandemic, she hasn't been able to there in the UK for over a year.

I Want To Dance, But Where Do I Start?

Dance is such a fun way to express emotions, and it’s a great physical activity. But it can DEFINITELY be overwhelming when you see all those dancers going to conventions, competitions, and taking numerous dance classes. Dance is a lot to take in, so where do you start? How many dance classes should you take when you first start? What styles of dance should you start with? We got you covered!

The Benefits of Yoga for Dancers' Flexibility

Dancing is challenging because it requires strength, patience, and even endurance to keep your body going. Here’s why you need to take yoga as a dancer.

Dance Student Spotlight: Kate

Meet Kate, who is 9 years old. She dances at Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts in Newbury Park, California. Most nights, you can find her stretching while doing her homework or watching tv!

Tips and Tricks for Dancing With a Disability

Unfortunately, many people believe that a person who can’t walk can’t dance. Our tips for dancers with disabilities is here to prove that idea wrong.

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