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6 Dance Skills To Work On This Summer

There’s always room for improvement, right? Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or you just finished your first year of dance, there is always one thing (sometimes more) that can be improved. Don’t know what to work on this summer? That’s okay! We reached out to our dance community to help give you some ideas.

Would You Rather: Part 2

As a continuation of Would You Rather: Dance Edition, here is Part 2! For those who want even more fun dance questions to ask or those who have never asked these before, here are even more fun Would You Rather dance questions.

What Type of Flooring Is Best for Dance Studios?

People who own dance studios must decide which flooring is best for their dancers. Our guide will help you conclude which flooring your dance studio needs.

7 Reasons To Dance Over The Summer

Summer’s here, so that means relaxing, sleeping in, and watching your favorite tv shows and movies all day right? Or maybe you’re new to dance but aren't ready to fully commit to a dance style for months? Either way, we got you covered! Here are a few reasons to take dance classes/intensives over the summer.

Dance Student Spotlight: Callista Setiawan

Meet Callista Setiawan and she is 14 years old. She's from Indonesia and she learns dance at Marlupi Dance Academy. She was born with bended knees.

6 Things Dancers Do Over The Summer

While dance season may never truly stop, dancers do need breaks once in a while. But sometimes they WOULD rather work on improving their skills over the summer. What if you’re a dancer and you don’t know what to do with your summer? We got you covered! We reached out to our dance community to answer that question.

The 5 Worst Dance Superpowers

While superpowers can make life easier, they can also make life harder. It might not be so cool to have the power of invisibility if you want your friends and family to watch you perform. Or maybe you speed through your dance and nobody has time to enjoy it. So we reached out to our dance community and asked: what would be the worst dance superpower?

Three Great Warm-Up Stretches For Dancers

A warm-up is a key part of any exercise across any genre. From sports to dancing and everything in between, a warm-up prepares the body for an activity it is not used to.

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