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Dance Student Spotlight: Joelle Jordine

Meet Joelle Jordine, 11, from South Africa. She goes to Joburg Ballet School. She's a young girl with big dreams.

If You Could Dance Anywhere In The World, Where Would You Want To Dance?

With so many amazing cities and countries out there, it could be hard to pick just one! So if you could dance anywhere in the world, where would you want to dance? We reached out to our awesome dance community, and these are places they chose!

Dance Student Spotlight: Efania Sumanadevi

Meet Efania Sumanadevi, 11, from Jakarta, Indonesia. Her ballet school is Marlupi Dance Academy. She always wants to improve herself.

Dance Student Spotlight: Paige Richardson

Meet Paige Richardson, 18, from Northern Ireland. She currently dances at the Lynsey Allen School Of Ballet. She may have started late, but that didn't stop her from growing into the dancer she is today.

What To Do You Do When You’re Not Dancing?

As dancers, when we’re not dancing we’re probably doing school, eating, or sleeping. But I think it’s safe to say we’ve all had time to ourselves at some point in our lives. So what can we do when we’re not dancing? Here’s what our dance community said:

Dance Student Spotlight: Charlotte C.

Meet Charlotte C., 15, from Montreal Canada. She goes to École Supérieure de Ballet du Québec. She won't let negative comments drown out her inner voice.

The complete Ballet Terminology Page

Here is the complete Ballet Terminology page from A to W. 😜

Dance Spotlight: Arianna Vargas

Meet Arianna Vargas, from Ecuador and currently a Trainee with United Ballet Theatre, a company in Orlando, FL.

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