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Technique: Finding The Extra Turn

So, how do you get the balance and power to get more turns? We asked some teachers for tips, and here is what they had to say...

6 Steps to Overcoming Your Performance Anxiety

As any dancer knows, performance anxiety is a pretty common thing. Dancing in front of all those people can be scary! Thoughts have a way to slip into your mind before a show, like, what if you were to trip? Or what if you forget your routine?

10 Things Your Non-Dance Friends Need To Know About Dancers

Have you ever wondered how to explain your dance life to your non-dance friends? Check this list out it is sure to help put to words what you always think. 😂 My favorite is #8 all day every day!

How Any Dancers Can Enjoy Dance and Improve In All Areas Of Their Dancing

We know you're busy so in less than 3 minutes, we will show you how to improve in all areas of your dancing.

True or False? Dancer Stereotypes

We love being dancers, but sometimes the stereotypes that go along with being one can be hurtful. Here are some of the most common stereotypes and sayings about dancers broken down. Tell us what you think!

Dance Student Spotlight: Speak Sienna Aller

Meet Sienna Aller, 7, she trains at Encore Ballet Conservatory, in Tulsa Oklahoma.

How Much Do Ballet Dancers Make

Ballet is a beautiful art performed by amazing dancers. Ballet dancers are well trained, and because of their unmatched skills, they are compensated fairly.

Student Spotlight: Speak Charlotte Borden

Meet Charlotte Borden her favorite dance quote is Dance is the hidden language of the soul.

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