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Three Great Warm-Up Stretches For Dancers

A warm-up is a key part of any exercise across any genre. From sports to dancing and everything in between, a warm-up prepares the body for an activity it is not used to.

4 Tips and Tricks for Preventing Burnout

Are you struggling to juggle your dance dreams with other demands? Discover some tips and tricks to prevent burnout, creating a meaningful and successful life.

Tips for Surviving Tech Week as a Dancer

Tech week can be a nightmare, especially for dancers. But you will survive. All it takes is perseverance and our tech week survival tips for dancers.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Seek a Physical Therapist

Experiencing recurring pain or an uncomfortable feeling in your body is sometimes your body calling for help. Here are the reasons to see a physical therapist.

Tips for Coming Back After a Dance Injury

An injury can be one of the most stressful things to happen to you as a dancer. Our tips will help you come back to dance after your injury.

How To Stop Plantar Fasciitis Pain Without Medication

Learning how to stop plantar fasciitis pain without medication allows people to alleviate their pain without taking a copious amount of pills.

Tips for Relieving Muscle Tension in Your Body

If you feel sore after a workout or just want to relax, consider the tension in your muscles. These are a few tips for relieving muscle tension in your body.

Best Ways To Recover After a Tough Workout

Recovery after a workout is as important as maintaining form while running or dancing. Learn the best ways to recover after a tough workout.

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