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Inspirational Dance Quotes

Ever since mankind has been able to move, they have been able to dance. There is just something that takes over us when we hear a rhythm that we enjoy or are...

YouTube Dance Channels to Obsess Over

When you’re not at the studio, you’re still thinking about dance. It only makes sense why you’d want to find some great dance videos on YouTube to obsess over.

10 Things Your Non-Dance Friends Need To Know About Dancers

Have you ever wondered how to explain your dance life to your non-dance friends? Check this list out it is sure to help put to words what you always think. 😂 My favorite is #8 all day every day!

4 Simple DIYs for Every Dancer

1. Hair Accessory Organizer What you’ll need: Empty Altoids container Magnetic tape strips Instructions: Dump all Altoids into your mouth at once…JK. If you ...

Which Musical/Movie Character Should You Look To For This Year’s Solo-Spiration?

One of the most important aspects of performing on stage is embodying a character. From classics such as Chicago to modern favorites like Finding Neverland, musicals are packed with colorful characters to explore. Why not try getting into the heads of some of the characters that make Broadway musicals come alive? Read on to discover which musical theater character you should look to for this year’s solo-spiration!

MTD Top Picks | Best Dance Movies of All Time

Are you in need of a chill night in watching movies? You’ve come to the right place, check out our Top Dance Movies of All Time!

10 Things You NEED To Know About Latin Dancers

Do you really know what goes on in the Latin dance world? If the answer is NO…don’t fret. We are giving the inside scoop on 10 things you didn’t know about L...

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