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15 Words And Phrases That Mean Something Totally Different To Dancers

As dancers, we really do have a language of our own. Here are 15 Words And Phrases That Mean Something Totally Different To Dancers.

10 Things Your Non-Dance Friends Need To Know About Dancers

Have you ever wondered how to explain your dance life to your non-dance friends? Check this list out it is sure to help put to words what you always think. 😂 My favorite is #8 all day every day!

True or False? Dancer Stereotypes

We love being dancers, but sometimes the stereotypes that go along with being one can be hurtful. Here are some of the most common stereotypes and sayings about dancers broken down. Tell us what you think!

30 Things Dancers Never Say

There are things only dancer say and things dancers never say.... or do they?

5 Things Every Dancer Should Know

Being a dancer is tough, very tough, physically, and mentally, but what you can create and how it makes you feel far outweighs any pain you had to go through. However, every once in a while we need a reminder, so here 5 Things every dancer should know.

Inspirational Dance Quotes

Inspirational dance quotes galor we will be providing you with some of our favorite inspirational dance quotes to get you going!

YouTube Dance Channels to Obsess Over

When you’re not at the studio, you’re still thinking about dance. It only makes sense why you’d want to find some great dance videos on YouTube to obsess over.

4 Simple DIYs for Every Dancer

1. Hair Accessory Organizer What you’ll need: Empty Altoids container Magnetic tape strips Instructions: Dump all Altoids into your mouth at once…JK. If you ...

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