Dancer Stereotypes

We love being dancers, but sometimes the stereotypes that go along with being one can be hurtful. Here are some of the most common stereotypes and sayings about dancers broken down. Tell us what you think!

“Dance Won’t Get You Anywhere”

While the dance field for occupation is extremely competitive, it does not mean that there aren’t opportunities for everyone. Plus, the opportunities out there are numerous and can take you all over the world. If it is your passion, chase it!

“All Dancers Are Stuck-Up”

Dancers may be called stuck-up because sometimes we get lost in our own dance world. Most dancers you will meet are very far from stuck-up, but instead the coolest and kindest people you will ever meet.

“Dance Is Easy”

Does this one even need an explanation? For anyone who has tried to dance, they know that it is far from simple. From turning multiple revolutions to jumping to extreme heights, dance is NOT easy!

“Dancers Are Dumb”

How many people do you know that can memorize a two-hour ballet or twelve recital dances? Dancers are always using their brains to create new works and learn new skills. Some might say dancers are geniuses in their own unique way.

“Dancers Are Super Competitive”

Okay, yes, we are sort of competitive; but it is just because we love dance so much that we push to be the best. Despite being competitive, we are truly supportive of one another and love to see each other reaching goals.

“Dancers Are Weak And Delicate”

While we are graceful and elegant, we are very far from weak. Just think about how ballerinas can hold their weight in their toes or how hip-hop dancers can freeze in gravity-defying positions. Don’t believe dancers are strong, watch other professional athletes try ballet.

“All Dancers Are Flexible”

We wish we all had an extension up to our ears, but unfortunately, we aren’t all made for that. However, all dancers are flexible. We can think on our feet and we can adapt to any situation thrown at us. This is one of the great skills dance teaches us.

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Sep 29, 2020

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