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Dance Student Spotlight: Katelyn Frey

Meet Katelyn Frey, 16, from Philadelphia PA. She goes to Broadway Bound Dance Academy. She has been dancing for 12 years, competitively the last 7 years.

Dance Student Spotlight: Danna

Meet Danna, 10, from Guadalajara MX. She goes to Paty Geyer Dance Center. Her flexibility is her personal limitation.

Dance Student Spotlight: Kalyn Hinklin

Meet Kalyn Hinklin, who is 11 years old. She lives in Dallas Texas and dances at The Dallas Conservatory. She can't wait until the summer when she will get to dance 24/7 all summer long.

Dance Student Spotlight: Ilyana

Meet Ilyana, she is 6 years old. She is from Jakarta, Indonesia and she goes to Marlupi Dance Academy. She finds it difficult to memorize combinations.

Dance Student Spotlight: Natasha G

Meet Natasha G, 15, from NYC. She goes to American Academy of Ballet. She is working with other @studentswans and @worldwideballet to help a dance school in Nigeria, @leapofdanceacademy with dance equipment and gear.

Dance Student Spotlight: Emma Tomlinson

Meet Emma Tomlinson, 14, from Vancouver, Canada. She goes to Goh Ballet Academy. One of the limitations She's dealt with is sometimes being too hard on herself to be perfect every time she dances.

Dance Student Spotlight: Glee Dango

Meet Glee Dango, 10, from Stouffville. She goes to ON Elite Danceworx. She got a lead role on a TV Series.

Dance Student Spotlight: Elizaveta Shumaylova

Meet Elizaveta Shumaylova, 8, from Prague, Czech Republic. She goes to Ballet School of Olga Kyndlova. She says at the very end of the day, things are not easy, but they bring a lot of wonderful moments.

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