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Spotlight: Dara Holmes

Meet Dara Holmes, 28, from The Joffrey Ballet of Chicago.

Dance Student Spotlight Naomi King

Meet Naomi King, 10, from Maryland where she dances at Dance Expressions.

Dance Student Spotlight: Taylor-Tatiana André

Meet Taylor-Tatiana André from Tampa, Florida. She believes that you need to Dance from your heart and let the passion shine through.

Dance Student Spotlight: Speak Sienna Aller

Meet Sienna Aller, 7, she trains at Encore Ballet Conservatory, in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Student Spotlight: Speak Charlotte Borden

Meet Charlotte Borden her favorite dance quote is Dance is the hidden language of the soul.

Student Spotlight: Speak Sharon Chance

Meet Sharon Chance, from Abuja, Nigeria, self-thought ballerina. She was told that ballet isn’t for her and that it’s not a Nigerian thing! She was encouraged to start doing something else like Afro dance? Or modeling... Nevertheless, she decided to pursue a career in dance and push boundaries. #SuperPower

Student Spotlight: Speak Lillian Sears

Lillian Sears a ballerina in training from Atlanta, where she trains at Atlanta Professional Dance Academy speaks about dance and dancer perceptions online.

Student Spotlight: Meet Clara Yip

Meet Clara Yip, 12, from Hong Kong Gymnastics. When faced with negative talks does a handstand. She says: I know, it’s stupid. But it really helps! Forget my worries and continue dancing.

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