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Dance Student Spotlight: Ava Buckhalt

Meet Ava Buckhalt and she is 14 years old. She lives in Maryland and she dances at Turning Pointe Dance Academy. More recently she has realized that pursuing your passion can also come at a price.

Dance Student Spotlight: Rae'dence Grant

Meet Rae'dence Grant and she is 12 years old. She lives in Oklahoma and she dances at Dreamcatcher's Dance Company. She's had times where she was frustrated and still has times where she thinks she doesn't know if she will ever have the best feet or be as flexible as all these dancers.

Dance Student Spotlight: Olivia Drumm

Meet Olivia Drumm and she is 17 years old. She lives in Illinois and she dances at Virtues in Motion. She has trained classically and mainstream because she enjoys both and wants to be well-rounded.

Dance Student Spotlight: Leilani Kalil

Meet Leilani Kalil and she is 11 years old. She lives in Florida and dances at Pembroke Ballet. She likes to do many things all at once, and she realizes that sometimes they may cause her stress and other times they may cause her to do great things.

Dance Student Spotlight: Lilly Wheeler

Meet Lilly Wheeler and she is 14 years old. She lives in Sarasota, Florida and she dances at The International Ballet of Florida. She has natural flexibility, but she is still growing, so it has been hard for her to develop the muscles needed to control her flexibility.

Dance Student Spotlight: Amy Grace Westcott

Meet Amy Grace Westcott and she is 13 years old. She is located in Noosa and her studio is The Dance Centre Peregian Springs. Her big plans for next year are to compete in Alana Haines and to continue with Australian Ballet and Queensland Ballet.

Dance Student Spotlight: Berkleigh Hernandez

Meet Berkleigh Hernandez and she is 14 years old. She lives in Maryland and she dances at CityDance School and Conservatory. She's had people she used to call friends who have tried to sabotage her, but she is grateful for the people who have always supported and cheered for her.

Dance Student Spotlight: Jaivyn C Beauford

Meet Jaivyn C Beauford (Jai) and she is 17 years old. She lives in Atlanta, GA and she dances at Norma's Academy of Dance. She is the program director for an initiative called DanceShoez, where she collects and distributes gently used dance shoes to those dancers who may not have the resources to pursue their dance dreams.

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