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Dance Student Spotlight: Joelle Jordine

Meet Joelle Jordine, 11, from South Africa. She goes to Joburg Ballet School. She's a young girl with big dreams.

Dance Student Spotlight: Efania Sumanadevi

Meet Efania Sumanadevi, 11, from Jakarta, Indonesia. Her ballet school is Marlupi Dance Academy. She always wants to improve herself.

Dance Student Spotlight: Paige Richardson

Meet Paige Richardson, 18, from Northern Ireland. She currently dances at the Lynsey Allen School Of Ballet. She may have started late, but that didn't stop her from growing into the dancer she is today.

Dance Student Spotlight: Charlotte C.

Meet Charlotte C., 15, from Montreal Canada. She goes to École Supérieure de Ballet du Québec. She won't let negative comments drown out her inner voice.

Dance Spotlight: Arianna Vargas

Meet Arianna Vargas, from Ecuador and currently a Trainee with United Ballet Theatre, a company in Orlando, FL.

Dance Student Spotlight: Lily Mae Tjon A Tjieuw

Meet Lily Mae Tjon A Tjieuw, 11, from Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Dutch National Ballet Academy. Her mantra is What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create.

Dance Student Spotlight: Carlin Ciocchetti

Meet Carlin Ciocchetti, 11, from Phoenix, AZ Youth American Ballet Company. When faced with negativity she remembers that those people are just trying to project their feelings onto her.

Dance Student Spotlight: Isabella Porreca

Meet Isabella Porreca, 15, from North Caldwell, New Jersey, where she attends Dancers Only in Totowa, New Jersey. When faced with negativity she reminds herself of her accomplishments and how hard she works. She also thinks about the future she has planned and all of the positive feedback. She believes in never let anyone get in the way of your dreams.

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