Wellness: The Scoop on Protein

Protein, protein, protein! Getting enough protein has been a topic of discussion for many years among nutritionist and foodies alike. Athletes, in particular, seem to be obsessed with getting enough protein. And if you are a vegan or a vegetarian we are sure you have […]

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Winter Photoshoot

Winter seems to last forever especially when it is really cold, and we honestly can’t wait for springtime! However, we can’t make spring get here faster, but we can take advantage of the beauty of winter. So, grab some friends and your camera and bundle […]

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Making Time For Family

Rehearsals, class, competitions, recitals…your spring is shaping up to be the busiest one yet! Does your calendar even have a blank space?!?! Being a dancers means being super busy, but it also means you don’t get to experience a lot of family time either. Yet […]

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Learning Choreography Quickly

Whether you are at a convention or learning another competition dance, picking up choreography is very important for dancers. For some, picking up choreography comes easy and for others, it can often be difficult. Here are some of MTD tips on picking up choreography quickly. […]

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