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13 Tips for Attending a Dance Convention

Attending dance conventions is a huge part of exponentially growing as a dancer. Some say that for every 1 convention you attend, it is like 6-12 months of experience you're gaining. Say what..... During a dance conventions, you can expect to build friendships, adaptability skills, confidence, resiliency and strength as a dancer. For anybody wanting to grow and get better as a dancer or a person it is the place to be! Let's begin Here are 13 Tips for making each dance convention a successful experience!

What Are The 5 Things Dance Really Teaches Us & How Do We Overcome It?

You love to dance, right? How amazing is it to get on stage and show a dance that you’ve been working on FOREVER to an appreciative audience? It doesn’t get better than that, for real. But, if we are being totally honest, if all we are doing is spending months and months on ONE dance, then we have totally missed the point of what dance is REALLY about. So let’s count it off…5 things dance really teaches us!

Have the Standard Rules of Dance Classroom Etiquette Changed

Etiquette inside and outside of the classroom in 2019 is so much more than what it once was. With the introduction of all kinds of technology, we have to be ...

21 Things To NEVER Do In Dance Class

1. Ask about specific counts for a section of the dance you are NOT working on at that moment. Patience, young grasshopper, your teacher WILL get to that sec...

It’s Competition Season | Your Score Does Not Determine Your Value

Chances are, you probably have a dance competition coming up and you may be feeling a little anxious about it. That’s totally understandable and the nerves and anxiety you may be feeling are completely normal.

Stay Centered During Competition Chaos

Competition season can be a super stressful time of year. You’ve probably got additional rehearsals, longer nights at the studio, practicing your solo any ch...

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