Technique: Finding The Extra Turn

As dancers, we all want to have that extra turn, but sometimes it isn’t always easy to get that extra revolution. So, how do you get the balance and power to get more turns? We asked some teachers for tips, and here is what they had to say...

Here are five techniques to find the extra turn:

  1. Keep your chin parallel to the ground!
  2. Push down to go up.
  3. Arm check!
  4. Lift the passe.
  5. Grow out of the top of your head.

Let's break them down.

“Keep your chin parallel to the ground!”

By keeping your chin parallel to the ground, it means your spotting will be as efficient as possible. Having a lifted chin or a chin that is too low, will throw off your alignment. It can also impact where your gaze is when you are spotting which could also throw you off.

“Push down to go up.”

In your preparation, push down into the ground through the balls of both feet. When you spring on to your supporting leg, continue to think of pushing down into the ground with your supporting leg while lifting up with the hips and the lower back.

“Arm check!”

Arms are essential to finding a great balance. Make sure that they too are parallel to the floor if arms are in first. Make sure the arms display the correct position and are being lifted from the back rather than the shoulders.
Pro-tip: Take a slow-motion video to really understand what your positioning is in your turn.

“Lift the passe.”

Lifting the passe may be the key for getting in that one extra turn. As your turning, focus your thoughts into raising that passe just a tad more and to dedicating more energy to the turnout.
Pro-tip: Practice lifting the passe while balancing at the barre. Alternate between lifting and then relaxing.

“Grow out of the top of your head.”

As you are turning, imagine someone pulling up a hair from the top of your head. Lift with this pull, but remember to keep your shoulders relaxed. Another way to envision this is lifting from the top of the ears.

Oct 21, 2020

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