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Technique: Finding The Extra Turn

So, how do you get the balance and power to get more turns? We asked some teachers for tips, and here is what they had to say...

Tips for Choosing a Summer Dance Intensive

Alright, so you’ve decided you would like to study at a dance intensive this summer — good for you! Studying dance outside of your dance studio will be an incredible experience for you to learn and grow. You will get an opportunity to learn from new teachers, choreographers and be in a whole new environment. You will be surprised at how much your dancing can improve in a few short weeks of intense study away from your typical day-to-day. So, how do you pick the program that is right for you? Here are 5 tips to help you choose a summer dance intensive:

Are You Advancing Your Turns Too Fast? Here’s 5 Tips To Fix your Technique

We gave you the tools to improve your core & now we are giving you the steps to better your turns. Source: WWW.THEVERGE.COM 1. You ready? One of the worst th...

Technique: Using Your Arms the Correct Way

While there are stylistically many types of arms, here are five keys to overall port de bras.

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