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Leg Day Exercises To Enhance Your Dancing

Are you looking for ways to enhance your dancing skills? Try these four exercises to help you expand your dancing repertoire and reach new heights.

Best Ways To Recover After a Tough Workout

Recovery after a workout is as important as maintaining form while running or dancing. Learn the best ways to recover after a tough workout.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Body as a Dancer

As a dancer, your body is under constant physical stress. And the better you get, the more stress there is. Our tips will help you care for your body.

How to Prevent Common Dance Injuries

As dancers, we are strong, artistic, talented, and bendy beyond belief. We create the vision that choreographers ask of us all while feeling our feels and throwing our bodies around. Always remember, dance is not meant to hurt you and cause injuries, but you have to put in additional effort outside of the classroom, or outside of just the classes you want to take. If your studio offers them, take the conditioning class and seek more knowledge about how your body works.

Oversplits: What You Need to Know

We all have that one friend who is uber flexible and as dancers we are all always working on flexibility. But sometimes our stretching practices can end up being more harmful than helpful in the long run. What are the dangers of Oversplits?

Top 5 Exercises Dancers Need for Full Split Leaps

5 of the best drills and exercises to help dancers improve and learn how to do a full split leap.

How to Fix Tight Hips (FOR DANCERS)

Is your teacher telling you that you got tight hips? Here is how to fix tight hips (FOR DANCERS) As dancers hip flexors flexibility can be the difference between having your leg at 90 degrees or 180 degrees. And let's be honest who would not want to have their leg at a perfect 12 o'clock. From 0-90 degree it's all muscular but once you go past 90 degrees it's a lot more hip flexibility.

How to get better extensions: 4 Steps to Better Extension

To get yourself to a place of long lines and lift, it's a balance of proper alignment, strength training and strategic stretching.

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