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Technique: How to Find a Higher Relevé

As dancers, our feet are one of the tools necessary for the job. So, we are always working on strengthening and stretching our feet. One thing almost all dancers desire is a higher relevé. But how do you get a higher relevé? Here are MTD tricks on getting a higher relevé.

How to improve your dance turns. Here’s 5 Tips To Fix your Technique

How do I improve my turns? We gave you the tools to improve your core & now we are giving you the steps to better your turns. THEVERGE.COM 1. You ready? One ...

3 Tips to Improve Your Leaps

Watching a dancer fly through the air in a grand jeté or execute the perfect split leap makes everyone in the audience gasp. It’s amazing to watch an explosive leap, and as a dancer, it is the perfect move to display grace and technique. Because of this, improving leaps is important to dancers at every level of their dance journey. Read on for three ways to improve your leaps.

Are You Advancing Your Turns Too Fast? Here’s 5 Tips To Fix your Technique

We gave you the tools to improve your core & now we are giving you the steps to better your turns. Source: WWW.THEVERGE.COM 1. You ready? One of the worst th...

2 Exercises to Improve Your Pointe

Dancer’s toes help create nice lines. Toes are like a candle on a cake—they can make or break the party! Sometimes dancers tend to “claw” their toes (grippin...

How to Become a Better Dancer

See how to get noticed at dance conventions, picked for main roles, selected on dance teams by becoming a better technician, leader, performer, and learner. ...

Technique: Imagery for Technique Improvement

Dance is not only a physical art, but it is also psychological too. Many professional and Olympic athletes have used imagery to help improve their performance. Imagery is the process of visualizing yourself executing specific movements or actions. Research has indicated that participating in imagery has helped improved athletes' ability to execute certain movements. For this reason, MTD has gathered some of our favorite imagery techniques that you can use to help improve your technique.

Learning Choreography Quickly

Whether you are at a convention or learning another competition dance, picking up choreography is very important for dancers. For some, picking up choreography comes easy and for others, it can often be difficult. Here are some of MTD tips on picking up choreography quickly.

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