atching a dancer fly through the air in a grand jeté or execute the perfect split leap makes everyone in the audience gasp. It’s amazing to watch an explosive leap, and as a dancer, it is the perfect move to display grace and technique. Because of this, improving leaps is important to dancers at every level of their dance journey. Read on for three ways to improve your leaps.

1. Improve your flexibility.

  • All leaps come from a super flexible range of motion. Therefore, it’s important to be flexible so you can increase your ability to leap.

2. Improve your core strength.

  • Your core is what helps you maintain your balance and control in the air. With proper core strength, comes the proper position of your body. Find core strength tips here.

3. Increase strength in your hamstrings and glutes.

  • Your hamstrings and glutes need to help propel you through the air in the proper alignment.

By improving your flexibility, core strength, and hamstrings and glutes, you will take your leaping ability farther and will be a better performer than you were before.

Feb 27, 2019

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