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Tips for Coming Back After a Dance Injury

An injury can be one of the most stressful things to happen to you as a dancer. Our tips will help you come back to dance after your injury.

How to Prevent Common Dance Injuries

As dancers, we are strong, artistic, talented, and bendy beyond belief. We create the vision that choreographers ask of us all while feeling our feels and throwing our bodies around. Always remember, dance is not meant to hurt you and cause injuries, but you have to put in additional effort outside of the classroom, or outside of just the classes you want to take. If your studio offers them, take the conditioning class and seek more knowledge about how your body works.

Avoid An Unexpected Injury By Following These 5 Steps

Follow these 5 tips to care for a sprain or strain at the very beginning of their injury.

Are You Struggling To Stay Centered? Here's What You Can Do

A strong core is vital for dancers. The core helps to hold your center for EVERYTHING including turns, leaps, and extensions. Follow these tips to develop a strong core and improve your dancing.

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