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How To Choose the Right Colors for a Dance Costume

Choosing the right colors for a dance costume can make or break a performance. Get the tips you need to select the best hues for the entire dance ensemble.

DIY Dancers: Tips for Making Your Own Dance Costume

There are plenty of pre-made dance costumes that you can order for your next performance or competition. Making your own unique costume is better.

Top 5 Stylish Hip-Hop Dance Costume Trends

If you’re in the market for a new hip-hop dance look, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve made a list of the best dance costume trends, so read on!

Best Suggestions for a Quick Costume Change

Understanding the best suggestions for a quick costume change prevents any catastrophic incident from happening when it’s the night of a show.

Common Things That Go Wrong on Opening Night

Wardrobe and backstage malfunctions are some of the most common things that go wrong on opening night. Find out how to manage these disasters.

Conquering the Dreaded Quick Change

Quick changes can have a crippling effect on dancers when adrenaline is running high. With every ounce of your production memorized, it is easy to anticipate and panic when hearing your musical cue. There is no fear quite like it, it is the source of many sleepless nights and anxiety. To calm any early onset of QCP (Quick Change Panic) MTD has put together some simple tricks to help guarantee a smooth transition.

The Ultimate Recital Checklist

There is nothing worse than showing up to recital, and realizing you’ve left your tap headpiece on your bedside table. To prevent any angry phone calls to your parents, and unnecessary stress, MTD has put together the ultimate recital checklist.

The 2018 Colors of the Year for Dance Costumes

We are about a quarter into 2018, and with that comes a new, fun array of beautiful colors for your dance costumes. Gone are the days of only wearing your stereotypical solid black, pink, or brown leotards. Not only have the colors become more exciting and bold but the sequins and other costume details makes dancers look like stars. That being said, read on to learn what new dance colors there are this year for your dance team.

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