uick changes can have a crippling effect on dancers when adrenaline is running high. With every ounce of your production memorized, it is easy to anticipate and panic when hearing your musical cue. There is no fear quite like it, it is the source of many sleepless nights, and anxiety. To calm any early onset of QCP (Quick Change Panic) MTD has put together some simple tricks to help guarantee a smooth transition.

Secret #1: Layer, layer, LAYER.

The trick to making it through any quick change is to layer your costumes. One less item to put on, equals one less item to stress over. If you have a change that requires different tights, wear one pair underneath the other.

Secret #2: Pre-layout your costume.

If you want to increase stress and anxiety during a costume change, don’t pre-set your entire piece. However, if you want to avoid added stress, layout your entire costume, along with head/body pieces. Make sure it is in an order you will remember, and visually make a list of the order in which you will begin to dress.

Secret #3: Be prepared.

Nothing ever goes according to plan, so have a needle and thread near you at all times during your change. Flexibility, and adaptability are key to ensuring a smooth transition while changing.

“Though quick-change disasters can be horrific (or hilarious), knowing how to deal with them is the mark of a true professional. Quick thinking in the moment can prevent disaster. Plus, the extra excitement can really boost your adrenaline.” RB

Secret #4: Except help.

Sometimes, it’s better to admit we need help, rather than struggling alone in silence. Make a plan with your friends, so that they can meet you backstage to help and hand you anything you may need.

Secret #5: Stay calm.

If you’ve followed steps 1-4, you are going to be just fine! Try not to dread on what might happen, and focus on what you can control. If you are feeling anxious of nervous, that is normal. Don’t forget to take deep breaths and trust yourself. You got this!

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May 17, 2018

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