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Overcoming Your Performance Anxiety

More often than not, the anxiety fades away as the music starts playing, but those moments beforehand are not fun! It doesn’t matter if it is an audition, small recital, or large show, performing in front of people can be nerve-wracking at times! Here at More Than Dancers, we’ve been there. So, in this blog post, we want to give you a few helpful tips to deal with your performance anxiety.

Stay Centered During Competition Chaos

Competition season can be a super stressful time of year. You’ve probably got additional rehearsals, longer nights at the studio, practicing your solo any ch...

5 Simple Ways to Calm Your Nerves at Competition

The nervous energy you experience at a dance competition is totally normal, and when channeled properly, can help you achieve your best performance. The extr...

Competition 101

Preparation is key to any competition. Follow some of MTD’s Competition 101 methods in order to prevent any unwanted mishaps. 1. Label all clothing items and...

14 Fears Of Dance Competitions

We've all been there...lying in your bed the night before a competition thinking about all the things that could go wrong the following day. Whether it is snagging a pair of tights or forgetting a headpiece, the possibilities of error are endless. Remember, control what you can control and forget the rest. So, MTD has decided to put together some of the most relatable competition fears.

15 Awkward Things That Happen At Dance Competitions

Awkward moments just come with the territory of being a dancer-competitions are no exception. Whether it's during the rehearsal before the big number or behind the scenes...we guarantee you will have one moment that leaves you squirming in your seat.

Learning Choreography Quickly

Whether you are at a convention or learning another competition dance, picking up choreography is very important for dancers. For some, picking up choreography comes easy and for others, it can often be difficult. Here are some of MTD tips on picking up choreography quickly.

Technique: Improve Your Improv Skills

Okay, we admit it, we have a love and hate relationship with improv. We love the freedom, creativity, and rawness of improv, but those moments when your brain goes into a freeze can cause a sour taste towards improv. Like any technique of dance, improv takes practice before it becomes second nature. Here are some dance technique tips on how to improve your Improv Dance Skills.

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