e've all been there...lying in your bed the night before a competition thinking about all the things that could go wrong the following day. Whether it is snagging a pair of tights or forgetting a headpiece, the possibilities of error are endless. Remember, control what you can control and forget the rest. So, MTD has decided to put together some of the most relatable competition fears.

1. Forgetting something. You’re whole team was counting on you!

2. When you can’t get a piercing out.

3. Or forget to clip your nails…

4. Having a CD failure…doesn’t work…starts in the wrong spot…or skips.

5. Forgetting the routine immediately as you hit the floor…what’s the beginning pose?

6. The floor being too slippery.

7. Or too sticky.

8. Your headpiece falling over your face.

9. Or falling off of your head.

10. Someone slipping on that headpiece.

11. Turning so close to the end of the stage and falling off.

12. Having to go to the bathroom right before you hit the floor. *And on deck*

12. Screwing up when you are finally front and center.

13. Turning with a runny nose. Snot…EVERYWHERE.

14. Having a wardrobe malfunction.

Jan 24, 2019

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