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13 Tips for Attending a Dance Convention

Attending dance conventions is a huge part of exponentially growing as a dancer. Some say that for every 1 convention you attend, it is like 6-12 months of experience you're gaining. Say what.....

5 Simple Ways to Calm Your Nerves at Competition

The nervous energy you experience at a dance competition is totally normal, and when channeled properly, can help you achieve your best performance. The extr...

15 Awkward Things That Happen At Dance Competitions

Awkward moments just come with the territory of being a dancer-competitions are no exception. Whether it's during the rehearsal before the big number or behind the scenes...we guarantee you will have one moment that leaves you squirming in your seat.

Technique: Improve Your Improv Skills

Okay, we admit it, we have a love and hate relationship with improv. We love the freedom, creativity, and rawness of improv, but those moments when your brain goes into a freeze can cause a sour taste towards improv. Like any technique of dance, improv takes practice before it becomes second nature. Here are some dance technique tips on how to improve your Improv Dance Skills.

10 Things to Bring to an Audition

Congratulations! Choosing to audition for a production, a summer intensive, and the like is a huge step in furthering your dance career. While auditions are a unique learning experience, they can also be stressful. So, to help you out we have made a list of 10 necessities for every audition!

What is Y.P.A.D.?

Y.P.A.D. stands for “Youth Protection Advocates in Dance”. This non-profit has a mission to build empowered dance communities through education and activism, while stopping the exploitation of children in performing arts.

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