Okay, we admit it, we have a love and hate relationship with improv. We love the freedom, creativity, and rawness of improv, but those moments when your brain goes into a freeze can cause a sour taste towards improv. Like any technique of dance, improv takes practice before it becomes second nature. Here are some dance technique tips on how to improve your Improv Dance Skills.

Think of a Texture

Imagine you are trying to portray a certain texture in your movement. Is that texture harsh and sharp? Or is it smooth and fluid? Once you determine the texture you are trying to embody, consider the movements and lines that will best represent that texture. Also, consider how the speed of movements impacts your representation.

Paint the Walls

Sometimes improv can make you retract the size of your movements. While you improv, it is important to fill your space. Imagine that you have paint on your body and you are trying to cover the whole room with that color. What are movements that fill the large walls? What are movements that will paint the tiny spaces?

Invision an Object

Improv is all about being creative, but it is also about sharing a story with your audience. Sometimes finding this story can be difficult especially if it is your first time hearing the song you are dancing to. If this is the case, imagine you are describing an object to your audience, but you have to use your whole body to explain. First, what is your object? It could be literally anything from a flower to a house. Second, what are movements that showcase that object? Finally, how will you dance it?

Feed off Each Other

The best way to learn is often by watching those around you. While you're dancing, consider the movements of your peers and the emotion they are portraying. In your movements, respond to their actions and emotions.

No Judgement

The most important thing to remember while you improv is that it is a time for discovery and not perfection. Improv should not look pretty or good, it should look innovative and raw. Sometimes, we are our own barrier to accomplishing this. While you are dancing, focus on not judging any of your movements. Yes, sometimes you are going to be stuck in an awkward position. Yes, sometimes you are going to land too loud. Yes, sometimes your brain will run out of material. This is all apart of the process, so don’t judge yourself or others when these things happen but instead recognize it as a moment of growth.

Improv Dance Skills
Dec 28, 2018

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