Everything you need to know about Y.P.A.D.

YPAD, which stands for Youth Protection Advocates in Dance, is an organization dedicated to empowering dance communities and keeping kids healthy and safe in all dance environments.



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Y.P.A.D. was founded by Leslie Scott, a well known not only for her talents but her unwavering work ethic, inspiring public speaking, contagious positive energy and bold use of movement to spread a positive message. She is on the Faculty at the Edge Performing Arts, guest faculty on several conventions, and is represented by the agency McDonald Selznick Association (MSA) in Hollywood, California. However, most of you may know her from Millennium Dance Complex. She is respected among the dance community and spends her time advocating for mind, body, and spirit. Leslie began Y.P.A.D. in hopes to teach dancers their worth within and outside of the industry. Leslie acknowledged a problem within the dance world, one that not a lot of individuals/dancers want to address...and that is self-esteem.

“[Dancers] are a holistic being made up of mind, body, spirit.”

-Leslie Scott

The dance industry had become too much of what was on the outside than within, and media attention had become a way to measure talent. Once the issue had been addressed, Leslie decided to put together a team of powerful individuals that shared her same belief. One of those individuals happens to be the founder of More Than Dancers™, Misty Lown. [/vc_column_text][vc_text_separator title="" i_icon_fontawesome="fa fa-heart" i_color="custom" i_size="xs" add_icon="true" i_custom_color="#fcabbe"][vc_column_text]Misty is a certified advocate for Y.P.A.D., and shares the beliefs and values of Leslie Scott. Misty is the owner of a Y.P.A.D. studio, and is  launching the first ever Y.P.A.D. sponsored event in the July of 2018. This festival will transform the way YOU view dance. The two day event will strip down the walls of glitz and glam and introduce YOU to a natural/raw environment.

Are you a dancer who has fallen obsessed with the views on your latest video? Have you fallen out of love with the art? Are you looking for a way to positively amp up your career?

Y.P.A.D. is for you. You will learn and train under the best, without drowning in the unrealistic expectations of “perfection”. Express yourself surrounded by a positive atmosphere, and you won’t regret it.

“How you dance speaks to your character.

That is the beauty of dance, you are always saying something about yourself.”

-Leslie Scott

In January 2019, leadership of YPAD transitioned to Misty Lown and her team.

Misty Lown is an American dance teacher, studio owner and author of One Small Yes. She is the founder of Misty's Dance Unlimited and the More Than Just Great Dancing dance studio affiliate program.

She has said regarding Y.P.A.D.:

"In 2014, I met the most amazing people - Leslie Scott Zanovitch and her husband Joseph Zanovitch - founders of Youth Protection Advocates in Dance®. They have been absolute warriors for the cause of keeping kids happy, healthy and safe in dance. To have met them in person is to encounter passion! In 2014, we hosted them in Wisconsin and I knew immediately that we wanted to get on board as Visionary Sponsors. And when they launched the first of its kind certification program, Misty's Dance Unlimited jumped on as the first certified dance studio and MTJGD as the first certified organization. If Youth Protection Advocates In Dance® was doing something, we wanted to be a part of it!"- Misty Lown

Source: Ypadnow.com

For more information on Y.P.A.D. visit:https://www.ypadnow.com

Mar 14, 2018

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