ongratulations! Choosing to audition for a production, a summer intensive, and the like is a huge step in furthering your dance career. While auditions are a unique learning experience, they can also be stressful. So, to help you out we have made a list of 10 necessities for every audition!

Resume, Headshot, and Photo in First Arabesque

When attending an audition it is important to read the guidelines and sign-up. Many auditions require you to bring a performance resume (check out our article about creating your performance resume!), a headshot, and a photo in first arabesque. Some programs even will have you download your materials online when you sign-up for the audition. A pro tip: write your name and your audition number on the back of your headshot and first arabesque photo!

Appropriate Apparel

Some auditions have a dress code that you can find in the guidelines. If you are auditioning for a ballet program we suggest a simple leotard that emphasizes clean lines with a pair of fresh ballet pink tights. If you are auditioning for a contemporary program a black leo with black tights is a very professional look. If you are auditioning for a jazz program we suggest a bold colored leo that will draw positive attention! We love this Bloch V-front Leo and Breakfast At Tiffany's leo by Five Dancewear!

Shoes...all of them!

We have all been there and forgotten our dance shoes! Don’t be that person on audition day! Remember to pack all of your shoes: ballet slippers, pointe shoes, jazz shoes, and tap shoes. Also, if you have a pair of extra shoes pack them with (just in case someone else forgets their shoes!). Insider tip: scrub your canvas ballet shoes with Biz laundry detergent a few days before the audition to make them look fresh and new!

Hair Supplies and Makeup

Nothing says professionalism like a tidy hairdo! We love Herbal Essence hairspray to keep those fly-aways intact! Some dancers like to wear makeup to highlight their natural beauty! We suggest waterproof makeup and a natural look!


Most auditions begin with an hour of check-in and warm-up time. To really warm-up we like to bring our favorite warm-up clothes with us! From leg warmers to studio jackets, we bring them all with us. Some dancers like to wear warm-ups from prior programs or competitions as they can be a great conversation starter with other dancers. In need of some warm-ups?? We love these Sansha jumpers!


Hydration is key in preventing muscle cramps! We suggest starting to hydrate up a few days before the audition. While many auditions don’t allow anything in the room, it is important to keep a water bottle outside in the event of a break. We love these Swell bottles that can keep your water cold for almost 24-hours!


It it important to fuel your body properly especially at those long auditions! Some of our favorite snacks include: almonds, dried fruit, Kidz Cliff Bars, and Mama Chia Pouches. Whatever your favorite snack is we suggest bringing a healthy snack and one that is light on the stomach!

Thera-bands, foot massagers, and the like!

Don’t forget to bring your tools of the trade such as thera-bands, foot massagers, and foam rollers! When auditioning it is important to warm-up how you warm-up for any class. Over-stretching before an audition can prevent muscles from firing correctly. So, don’t forget the tools you use to warm-up! Looking to add something to your warm-up? Use a warmed up water bottle to roll out your feet!?

Emergency Kit

Sometimes things do not go as planned! When this happens the first thing to remember is to relax. The second thing to remember is that you packed an emergency kit - you are SO prepared :) Some things we like to pack in our emergency kit are: band-aids, safety pins, extra toe tape, KT Tape, Biofreeze, and pain-relief medicine!

A positive attitude

Yeah, it is cheesy, but a positive attitude is everything at an audition! Remind yourself that you have worked hard for this audition and that you deserve to do your best. Also, if you are nervous remember that everyone else is just as nervous as you. Have fun, too! Regardless of the audition results it is only the opinion of a few people, and it does not define your worth. Lastly, don’t forget to tell yourself that you are “fearfully and wonderfully” made!

Dec 4, 2018

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