reparation is key to any competition. Follow some of MTD's Competition 101 methods in order to prevent any unwanted mishaps.

1. Label all clothing items and shoes.

It removes confusion and added stress when looking to grab a costume last minute.

2. Prepare for the unexpected.

Prepare for yourself and your entire team. There is always someone needing extra of something...so think ahead!

3. Wear tights one size too big.

You'll be living in them for HOURSSS. Make sure you are comfortable sitting in them all day long. One size up allows you the extra room to eat, bloat, and stay comfy.

4. Blow-dry your hairspray for that extra crisp.

By blow-drying wet hairspray, you allow the spray to harden and set into your hair. We promise you won't experience any fly aways and all that's needed is an hour shower to return your hair back to normal.  

5. Bring a phone charger.

You have a long day ahead of you...so don't sit there without something to entertain you. Prepare for a sleepover and bring a phone charger or whatever you need to make sure you can stay preoccupied while waiting for those final results.

6. Sew your headpiece into your hair.

It sounds ridiculous, but we promise it works. All you need is some thread that matches your piece and hair color and a needle that can gently thread through your hair to prevent any mishaps.

7. Test the floor for stick or slip.

It's bound to be one or the other, so make sure you test it out beforehand in rehearsal. Try a jump, leap, and any other tricks you think will be affected.

8. Use the restroom 1 hour before stage time.

Don't miss any moment leading up to the stage, prepare in advance even if you don't HAVE to go. Make time and save your coach the extra eye roll.  

9. Bring water and granola bars.

It is always good to stay hydrated during a competition and with nerves, some may not want to eat a whole lot before hitting the floor.

10. Let your body take over...everything is muscle memory now.

Jan 25, 2019

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