Special Guest Writer: Ashley Lipman

We are about a quarter into 2018, and with that comes a new, fun array of beautiful colors for your dance costumes. Gone are the days of only wearing your stereotypical solid black, pink, or brown leotards.

Not only have the colors become more exciting and bold but the sequins and other costume details makes dancers look like stars. That being said, read on to learn what new dance colors there are this year for your dance team.  

Bright, Bold Colored Cutouts Hit the Stage

Expect to see bright, almost-neon green leotards with cut-outs on the sides for older dancers. Pair that with a black tutu or long, flowy skirt for dancers performing contemporary style.

Since the bright colors speak for themselves, you don’t have to dress up the outfit too much. Simply a plain tricot will work. Or, if you are doing a more expressive piece, you can always add more sequins and sparkles.

Midnight Black Paired with Another Color

As we mentioned earlier, the plain (and, to be honest, boring) black leotard, although a classic, is out for 2018. Now, expect to see black paired with other colors like navy blue and dark green. These types of colors work perfectly for more ominous or jazz dance routines. To complement the dance vibe, why not wear some classic makeup?

These types of colors aren’t just reserved for the big number or competition. These are simple yet elegant colors, perfect for warm up attire.

Solid Colors with Lace

Like with black, if you are going to see all-white dance uniforms, you probably will see some kind of design or lace. Lace adds a subtle feminine influence that makes the dance attire beautiful and elegant.

You can pair the lace with a flowy skirt or leave the leotard as is. This type of design and coloring goes well with lyrical, jazz, or contemporary dance—or why not add some lace sleeves to your cheer uniform?

(As a side note, we recommend that you look at the tag for washing instructions, as lace can tear depending on washing level.)

Expect to See Complementary Colors for Character Dance Numbers

This especially applies if the dance number is upbeat and lively. The attire may be simple but the expect the colors to complement and be bold.

Also, though know that the colors don’t have to be completely complimentary. You may have more of a pinkish purple with a subtle shade of yellow. Still, keep this in mind the next time you go shopping for your dance uniforms!

Dance Attire According to the Seasons Are Always a Great Go-To

Whether it is summer, fall, winter, or spring, you can always find and wear dance attire that matches the season. For summer, stick to bright yellows and oranges.

As for spring, purples, greens, and blues are beautiful cool colors to wear. And then you have darker blues, purples, and even silver for winter. And, lastly, oranges, reds, and browns to signal fall.

Of course, you can’t leave out the blacks, greys, and whites, which are all great colors to mix and match with any of the seasons.

These seasonal colors are especially effective if you are conveying more of an abstract, seasonal piece or are playing a weather element—such as snowflakes.

Solid Color Whimsical Designs Are Here to Stay

Leotards with a whimsical design are in. Since there are already so much detail to them, you can easily get away with wearing one solid color.

At the same time, if you are doing a high-energy piece, why not choose a whimsical design with multiple colors. That way, your leotard is just as spirited as your dance number.

Final Thoughts: It Comes Down to What You Want to Wear

At the end of the day, choose the dance attire that you feel the most comfortable wearing. You can choose to follow a trend, or why not start one yourself?

You never know, with some time, you may see several other dancers wearing your own styles and colors. No matter what, you do you!

Feb 4, 2018

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