While the point of your next dance performance or competition is to show off your skills, your dance costume is also on full display. While you can buy a pre-made costume from a catalog, chances are that the audience or judges have seen that costume before. If you want to stand out, you can make your own unique dance costume. Keep reading to find some tips for the creation process.

Ask Someone Else To Measure You

You may think you know your measurements and sizes from previous dance costumes or other clothes. However, this is a custom piece you may not have time to redo or alter once it’s done. If it doesn’t fit or fits poorly, you’re stuck when it comes time to go out on stage. Always take your measurements before you start making a dance costume. Ask someone else to do these measurements so you don’t have to move and the measurements are accurate. Wear a piece of tight clothing, such as a leotard, during the measuring process for higher accuracy.

Let Your Song Inspire Your Design

Now that you know your measurements, you can start considering your design. Inspiration for your design can come from anywhere, but the costume will look best for your performance if you let your song inspire your costume. Listen to your song and go over the choreography. What outfit will match the mood of the music and movements of the dance? For example, instrumental music for a lyrical dance piece with flowing movements hints at loose, light clothing, while fast-paced jazz hints at tighter, brighter clothing. Choose a fabric that allows for the right movements and mood, such as batik. Batik fabric is bright and beautiful, perfect for specific dance costumes, but you’ll need to follow some specific directions for prewashing batik fabric to prevent bleeding. Consider this level of maintenance, along with your song, when choosing a fabric.

Don’t Start From Scratch

You don’t have to start your design from scratch if you're just learning to sew. You can look at features of pre-made costumes that you like and incorporate those features, along with accessories, into a unique look. For example, if you love a specific color and material for a pair of shorts for your jazz piece, then buy those shorts. Sew a unique lace overskirt, glue on rhinestones, or pair the outfit with gloves to create a unique look. This will save you time and allow you to practice your skills without putting the pressure of a whole costume on yourself.

These tips for making your own dance costume can help you create a unique costume you will love to wear, and others will love to see you in. Since this is a piece you made yourself, you also have total creative freedom to alter the piece for other performances or competitions. The sky is the limit when you make your own costume.

Apr 4, 2023

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