hen you’re not at the studio, you’re still thinking about dance. It only makes sense why you’d want to find some great dance videos on YouTube to obsess over, learn the routines, find some new music, and overall, get as much dance inspo as you can handle.

We’ve compiled some of the best YouTube dance channels for you to follow. There’s a solid chance you already know some of these, but either way, it’s impossible to watch these YouTubers too many times.

Tricia Miranda

Tricia Miranda is an amazing hip-hop choreographer with tons of videos that will have you l i v i n g for her creativity. She’s worked with Unity in Diversity dance studio, and it’s clear that dancers love her routines. The perfect YouTube channel to get some inspiration for your next solo performance!

Aidan Prince

Aidan Prince became famous on YouTube as an 8-year-old dance sensation. Now at the age of 12, he’s been in commercials and has danced with some of the most well-known dancers and choreographers in the business. It’s always impressive to see someone who can dance extraordinarily well at such a young age.

Mimi Staker

While there are countless hip-hop videos to be found on YouTube, our dance blog loves and looks for all kinds of dance videos to watch like crazy. Mimi Staker is a professional ballerina with the New York City Ballet. She reps Puma, and interviews with Teen Vogue about what it’s like to have dance as your full-time job.

Chloe Arnold

Chloe Arnold is an Emmy Award-nominated choreographer who has also founded Syncopated Ladies, a female tap dance group. They’re super unique in that they tap to rock, hip-hop, and so many other genres (“When Doves Cry” by Prince is a great vid). If you ever thought tap was a dance form that’s for your grandparents, Chloe Arnold is the one to prove you wrong. She also shows slowed down and isolated dance moves so that anyone can learn.

Talia Frida

Sometimes you just need a how-to ballet YouTube channel that talks everything from pointe shoes to doing a perfect French roll for your hair. Talia Frida takes care of it all. This Austrailian native dances with the Queensland Ballet and offers dance tips, improving your developpes, warmup tips, and so much more. Don’t forget the stage makeup tutorials!

Elisha Nilsen

Jazz improv by a talented dancer on top of New York rooftops? Close-ups of Converse kicks and an improv keyboard pianist with some overall sepia tones? Our dance blog is about it. Elisha Nilsen is up and coming as a YouTube dancer, whose most famous video was all about male ballet dancers in New York City. Male ballet dancers don’t often get as much recognition as they deserve; Elisha gives them some overdue time in the spotlight.

Ashley Everett

Is there anything better and more important than hearing from Beyoncé’s top dance captain and lead backup dancer? No, no there’s not. Ashley Everett put in the work to hold this title (crown? same thing), and continues to dance with Queen Bey today. She opens up in interviews about teaching dance, learning from Beyoncé, becoming a meme after an embarrassing moment, and so much more. Also, her video of getting proposed to during the Formation tour is maybe the most precious thing that’s ever happened.

The next time you need to procrastinate on cleaning your room or getting homework done, these YouTube videos are here to help. Check back with our dance blog for music recommendations, videos, dance tips, and so much more!

May 2, 2019

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