1. Hair Accessory Organizer

What you’ll need:

Empty Altoids container

Magnetic tape strips


Dump all Altoids into your mouth at once…JK.

If you don’t have an empty Altoids container, dump the Altoids in a little snack bag for later.

Wipe out the container to remove any leftover Altoid powder.    

Cut off one strip of magnetic tape.

Peel the backing off the magnetic strip and place on the inside cover of the Altoid container.

Lastly, fill up your new hair accessory holder!

Hopefully, this will help prevent some of those bobby pins from magically disappearing.

2. Headphone Holder

What you’ll need:

Two clothespins

Glue (Preferably something stronger than your average Elmer’s School Glue)

Anything to decorate your clothespins (Paint, tape, ribbons, markers, etc.)


First, apply a thick coat of glue on outside surface of one clothespin.

Stick the second clothespin on top of the first so that it is facing the opposite direction. Hold in place until glue dries.

If you’d like, decorate your clothespins however you’d like!

After all the glue has dried, place your headphones onto your new holder!

Place the headphone jack into one clip and wrap the rest of the cord diagonally around the pinchers.

Then, clip the headphone earpieces into the second clip. TA DA! 👏🏼🎧

3. Eyeshadow Holder

What you’ll need:

Ice cube tray


All this requires is to simply place your eyeshadows in the ice cube tray!

If you’re feeling fancy, you can organize your shadows by color.

Who knew it was so simple to put an end to that messy makeup drawer?!

4. Dance Bag Scent Booster

What you’ll need:

Downy Unstoppables in-wash booster beads

Small mesh bags


Add 1 tablespoon of beads into the mesh bag and you’ve got yourself a scent booster for your dance bag!

Mar 13, 2019

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