When experiencing recurring back pain or headaches, your first thought likely isn't to seek out a physical therapist, but maybe it should be. Physical therapy (PT) isn't only for people who were injured during an accident or while playing sports. Physical therapy can improve everyone’s mobility, manage age-related conditions, and help control medical conditions.

If you're curious about seeking physical therapy but on the fence about it and its benefits, we've put together the top four reasons you should seek a physical therapy.

Prevent Possible Injuries

Unless you've been injured, you have probably never seen or talked to a physical therapist. Seeing a PT is an excellent way to prevent injuries or improve your posture. Be honest with your physical therapist about your activity level. They will teach you exercises that can help prevent future injuries, making you more aware of taking care of your body and movements.

Help Reduce or Eliminate Pain

When you are experiencing pain in your joints, your PT should do manual therapy to reduce pain, perhaps through the form of joint and soft tissue mobilization. Other techniques to help quick healing, reduce pain, and improve blood circulation include:

  • Electrical stimulation
  • Taping
  • Ultrasound

Therapies like those stated above can prevent pain from returning.

Improve Your Balance

You'll be screened for a fall risk when you begin physical therapy. If you're high-risk, PTs will provide exercises that will safely challenge you and your balance to portray real-life scenarios. Therapists also help you with exercises that can improve your coordination and ability to perform specific activities that help improve and restore proper vestibular functionality while reducing dizziness and vertigo.

Avoid Surgery

You may be able to avoid surgery if physical therapy eliminates pain or helps you heal from your injury. If surgery is still needed, you'll benefit from pre-surgery physical therapy that will help you bounce back and recover faster after surgery.

Control Pre-existing Health Conditions

Some physical therapists treat people with existing lung, heart, weight, pregnancy, or post-partum conditions. For example, PTs can treat people with diabetes by giving them proper foot care and an exercise plan to improve their health and decrease their need for certain medications.

Movement is medicine. If you're experiencing pain or would like to improve your balance and mobility, don't hesitate to contact your local physical therapy center. Before you plan a visit to your local physical therapy center, look over these top reasons to seek a PT and put together a list of questions for your physical therapist about your current situation and the steps it will take to heal.

Feb 17, 2022

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