Learning how to stop plantar fasciitis pain without medication allows people to alleviate their pain without taking a copious amount of pills.

Plantar fasciitis is a common condition that can result in unavoidable, debilitating pain in the feet. As a dancer, your feet are constantly taking a beating, making injuries like plantar fasciitis more common. Taking pain relievers can help with your agony, but it may also lead to abuse of the drug. Knowing how to stop plantar fasciitis pain without medication may fix your problem.

Change Your Lifestyle

Before you consider more serious options, making a few lifestyle changes can go a long way in dealing with your pain. Keeping a healthy weight can limit your plantar fasciitis pain, as the higher your weight, the more pressure is put on your feet. Additionally, maintaining a healthy weight improves your well-being on a grander scale.

Another quick fix is getting a new pair of shoes. Dancing shoes need to be loose and broken in, so before you start hitting the floor, it will benefit you to walk around in them beforehand. Alternatively, orthotics are custom-made supports that go in the bottoms of your shoes to allocate pressure throughout the foot, effectively reducing plantar fasciitis stress.

Try Home Remedies

Now it’s time to try some home remedies. The simplest method is applying ice to your problem area, especially after a long day of practicing your routines Daily ice treatments will reduce the inflammation, making the pain go away. You’ll want to use ice in 15-minute intervals around 4 times a day for the best results. Another option involves using a soft tissue mobilizer. This tool applies pressure to the heels and arches of your feet to stimulate blood flow to the injured area.

Receive Physical Therapy

If you strike out with these options, physical therapy may be necessary to fix the problem. A physical therapist can demonstrate stretches and exercises that you can do at home. They can also go over specific techniques such as using athletic tape to get you through one of your upcoming shows.

Get Surgery or Another Medical Treatment

The last step is getting surgery or another medical procedure. Surgery is a last-ditch effort that a select few people may experience. This procedure will detach the plantar fascia from the heel, eliminating the pain once you fully recover. Other possible solutions include steroid injections, shock wave therapy, or ultrasonic tissue repair.

Instead of suffering from pain daily by popping ibuprofen, it’s worth looking into how to stop plantar fasciitis pain without medication. Using pain reliever daily can cause damage to your body, so explore these options to relieve your pain without hurting your organs.

Dec 2, 2021

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