You Know You’re A Dancer When…

As dancers, we all have those moments when we do something different from everyone else. From practicing our dance routines while talking to our friends, to sleeping in passé, we have all been guilty of some dance quirk. So, whether you spot while sitting on a rolling chair or you dance in the shower, here are some weird things that all of us dancers have done at least once (but probably more). You know you’re a dancer when...

  1. You know the best view of the show is from backstage.

  1. You find bobby pins in the weirdest places.

  1. You spot while spinning in a computer chair.

  1. You’re invited somewhere, and your response is “I can't, I have dance.”

  1. You start everything with “5, 6, 7, 8.”

  1. Half your closet is leotards, tights, and dance stuff.

  1. You dance in the shower instead of sing.

  1. You’re the most flexible person in gym class.

  1. You know more French than any of your friends.

We bet you related to at least one of those, if not more. And if you enjoyed these You Know You’re A Dancer When, make sure to follow us on Instagram: @more_than_dancers for more posts like this. What other weird things do you do as a dancer?

By: AJ (Intern)

Jul 16, 2021

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