Why Do YOU Enjoy Dance?

Dance is a great way to get your PE credit, and gets you out of the house. There are so many reasons to enjoy dancing, but why do YOU enjoy dance? Is it the physical activity? Or because it’s a way to express yourself? We reached out to our dance community and asked them, why do YOU enjoy dance? Here’s what they had to say:

  1. It’s challenging


  1. Being with my Team 
  1. Sense of Belonging to a Dance Family
  1. Express my feelings

Those are all great reasons! We also have a few of our own:

  1. Improve flexibility
  1. There are many different styles
  1. Performing
  1. Learning new moves, combos, and choreography

No matter the reason, dance is an amazing form of physical activity, as well as, an art form. This makes dance unique from other sports and arts. There are so many reasons to enjoy dance, it can be hard to pick just one. What other reasons do YOU have for enjoying/liking dance? Also, shoutout to our wonderful dance community for helping contribute to this article: 





By: AJ (intern)

Jun 4, 2021

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