Which Dance Style Has The Best Costumes?

We can all agree no style of dance is better than another. Dance is a form of expression, exercise, and a way to tell a story. However, is it possible one dance style has the best costumes? Each dance style is unique in its own way. But could one style possibly have cooler costumes everyone wishes they could have? Well, we reached out to our awesome dance community to see what they had to say.

  1. Ballet

  1. Jazz

  1. Tap

  1. Hip-hop

  1. Contemporary

  1. Ballroom

  1. Disco Freestyle

  1. Classical

  1. Lindy Hop

Of course, the best dance costume is a matter of opinion, and if you ask us, we think all the dance styles have pretty cool costumes. But remember, the dance is more important than the costume. Which dance style do you think has the best costumes? And shoutout to are awesome dance community for helping contribute to this article:









Kelly Aslin

By: AJ (Intern)

Jan 21, 2022

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