What Makes The Nutcracker So Awesome?

For those who have yet to see The Nutcracker, you might find yourself asking “why does everyone see The Nutcracker? What makes it so special? Isn’t it just another ballet?” Well, we are here to answer those questions. In fact, we went straight to the source (our dance community) to find out what they like about The Nutcracker.

  1. Auditions

  1. Cast list

  1. Fittings

  1. Tech night

  1. Performance night with your dance family

  1. All of it! It’s so magical!

All of these are great examples of what makes The Nutcracker so special and magical to all of its performers. And you as the viewer get to watch all of their hard work come to life as you get transported with Clara to The Land Of Sweets and forget the stress of Christmas shopping for a couple hours. Also, shout out to our amazing dance community for helping contribute to this article:




By: AJ (Intern)

Dec 16, 2022

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