What Is Your Favorite Part About Performing?

After countless rehearsals, numerous run throughs, and lots of stretching, it’s finally time to perform! That moment when you step on stage and show off the amazing dance routine you are so proud of. From finding your parents in the crowd, to dancing your heart out, what is your favorite part of performing? We reached out to our wonderful dance community, and here’s what they had to say.

  1. That moment on the stage right after you’ve nailed that one thing that you practiced hardest because it was the toughest bit and everything else after in the performance feels like gravy

  1. Being on stage 

  1. I miss the pure Joy whether dancing, acting, or speaking, to get to interact with others and leave every bit of me out there to pass the joy to others

  1. Freedom

  1. That rush and silence right before the curtain goes up and the music starts

  1. Costumes

  1. Being able to dance with others and sharing the victory and moment

These are all great answers. From seeing the audiences faces and watching them react to your routine, to simply having fun while you’re performing, makes all those hours of preparing worth it. Part of dance is being able to express yourself through movement, which is what makes it such an amazing form of expression. Also, shout out to our awesome dance community for contributing to this article:













Apr 23, 2021

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