What Is The Best Holiday Gift You Have Ever Received?

Can you believe how close it is to the holidays?! Some days we wish the break would come sooner. So while we were remembering some of our fondest memories of holidays from the past, it occurred to us: what is the best holiday gift? So we reached out to our favorite dance community, and their answers did not disappoint.

  1. A collection of mommy’s favorite books. 📚

  1. My oldest daughter, born on Christmas Day!❤️

  1. I was nominated an @nggeneration ambassador on Xmas day. 🎄 it was a very special and unique gift. 🎁

  1. All our family home for Christmas. 🎄 it doesn’t happen often due to work.

Wow, can you believe how awesome those gifts are! To be honest, we’re a little jealous. Remember, this holiday season isn’t about giving or receiving  the most expensive gift. The best gifts come from the heart. What is the best holiday gift you have received? And shout out to our dance community for helping contribute to this article:





By: AJ (Intern)

Dec 31, 2021

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