What Are The 5 Things Dance Really Teaches Us & How Do We Overcome It?

To Be Present

Dancers have to be totally present in the moment to master a step or learn proper technique. If we are not really in the moment, we will lose it. This is a crazy good skill to have in life.

To Be Supportive

There is nothing like working on cleaning a dance for months to make you more motivated to be there for your teammates. They count on (and with!) you like no one else in your life. No one quite understands the late night rehearsals, weekends spent at the studio, nervous energy before hitting the stage and the sense of accomplishment at the end of the end of the year like your fellow teammates. You know the importance of being there for them and supporting them.

To Rise to The Challenge

You’ve had to work REALLY hard to become the dancer your are today. Right? You’ve learned how to improve your jumps, your turns, even your flexibility by rising to the challenge of more demanding body work.

To Stand up After your fall

We will all be rejected in both the dance world and real world at least once in our lifetime. Maybe last year wasn’t our year to make the performance company. But, we didn’t let that slow us down! We just picked ourselves up, kept dancing and were inspired to work harder!

To be Disciplined

Dance is a serious discipline. Really. We spend seven hours at school and then we rush to the studio, focus in our classes, and commit to trying our hardest. This is discipline at its best.

Jul 24, 2020

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