What Are Dancers Least Favorite Styles Of Dance?

Dance ranges from ballet, to hip-hop, to ballroom, to tap, and so on. So, some dancers may prefer one style over another. In fact, some dancers have a style of dance they do not enjoy as much as others. So whether you like every style, or you have one you’re not a fan of, we reached out to our dance community and asked what their least favorite style of dance was, and here’s what they had to say:

  1. Ballet

You may feel like you have to be perfect.

  1. Hip-hop

It can feel weird to be loose with all your ballet training.

  1. Ballet

It was where you had the least confidence. 

  1. Musical theatre

Maybe you’re not a fan of musicals.


As a dancer, you don’t have to like every style of dance. Although, if you are part of your studio’s dance company, you may have to perform many different styles. What is your least favorite style of dance and why? Also, shout out to our amazing dance community for helping contribute to this article:




Bailey Orton

Kim Shatzko Gaunt

By: AJ (Intern)

Nov 5, 2021

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