What Are Dancers Favorite Styles To Perform?

With the multitude of dance styles available to dance, which are the favorites to perform? Even though all of the dance styles are unique in their own way, sometimes one sticks out to you and you want to show this style/dance to everyone you know! So we reached out to our dance community to get their opinion on the subject.

  1. Jazz!

  1. Always ballet because of the more classical work as they're always crowd pleasers and it's so much fun to do! 🩰💕

  1. Tap because of the sounds you make with your feet. Also by adding just a heel drop or a scuff, it turns into a whole new thing!

  1. Bellydance!

  1. Aerial! 🔥

  1. Point!

  1. Lyrical!

Wow, those are all such fun styles to perform! Which of these styles is your favorite to perform? Is there another style you enjoy performing? And shoutout to our fabulous dance community for helping contribute to this article:



Patricia Nieznalski


Haley Bradberry

By: AJ (Intern)

Aug 5, 2022

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