What Animal Would Make The Best Dancer?

Let’s face it. If you have a dog or cat, you’ve probably tried to pick them up and dance with them. Sometimes, it doesn’t work out too well though. Could there be any animal out there that would make a good dance partner? We decided to find out. So we reached out to our wonderful dance community and asked them, what animal would make the best dancer?

  1. Flamingos

  1. Goats

  1. Bees
  1. Humming birds

  1. Dogs

Those are all great answers. They inspired us and we got a few ideas ourselves.

  1. Elephants

  1. Cats

  1. Dolphins

  1. Lemurs

  1. Giraffes 

We think it’s safe to say, humans make the best dancers. But who says you can't grab your pet and dance around the living room with them!? What animal do you think would make a great dancer? Also, thank you to our awesome dance community for contributing to this article:






Apr 21, 2021

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