oses are red, violets are blue, unlike boys, dance won't disappoint you!

1. See, it could always be worse.

2. And then maybe we could meet up for some fondu.

Valentine Memes Only Dancers Will Appreciate

3. I dedicate these candy sweethearts to all my dance friends.

4. And then grand jeté right out of love.

5. We really are the best.

6. And he is always there for me.

7. Do you think I can order these poems in bulk?

8. My dance friends are the only boyfriend I need


9. Yup, only thing on my mind is dance.

10. If Ryan Gosling is cool with it, I’m cool with it.

11. Can I get an amen?

12. Trustworthy, loyal, honest and fun. Thanks, DAN [CE]!


Feb 14, 2019

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