To All Our Dance Seniors

While there may never be an end to the dance season, there is (thankfully) an end to school. And with that, many seniors are going off to college. So this article is dedicated to all the relationships between the older and younger dancers at the dance studio. The seniors have become role models for the younger dancers to look up to. So when the younger dancers get older, they can become great role models, too. And when the older dancers leave the dance studio for college, they know they have made a difference in a dancer’s life.

Photographer: IIONA VIRGIN on Unsplash

It is so important to have friendships built with other dancers. Not just to learn from, but to have a shoulder to lean on. A friend to cheer you on during convention and competition, and to help you with a dance combo. An example of this kind of relationship from our dance community is Faith and Abbey. Abbey is a senior and has been a role model and dance sister to Faith over the past 8 years. Their relationship is built from admiration and love. 

Faith and Abbey

Due to the pandemic, seniors may have had some opportunities taken away from them, for the health and safety of others. The pandemic has also taken away opportunities for all dancers from competitions, being in the studio, and conventions. But while younger dancers may have the chance to compete next season, the senior dancers may be off at college. 

Photographer: ketan rajput on Unsplash

So this article is a thank you for all the graduating seniors out there. You girls and boys have done an amazing job being role models to other dancers and also working hard. The dance world wouldn't be the same without you. Go out there and pursue your dreams!

Also thank you to @havealittlefaithandhope for giving us the idea for this article.

By: AJ (Intern)

May 28, 2021

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