The Best Parts Of Going Back To Dance: Part 2

If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out The Best Parts Of Going Back To Dance: Part 1. For part 2, we got even more answers from our dance community! They really do have the inside scoop on the best parts of going back to dance.

  1. Being able to move my body however I want

  1. Exercising without knowing that you’re exercising

  1. Learning new things and techniques

  1. Getting a break from schoolwork

  1. Growing through dance💕

  1. Seeing our dance families =)

Those are all great answers! From meeting new people, to learning new skills, to simply needing a break from school, dance has something for everyone! And shoutout to our fabulous dance community for contributing to this article:






By: AJ (Intern)

Sep 16, 2022

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