The 5 Best Parts Of Dance Intensives

Have you ever wanted to take a dance intensive but didn’t know if you would enjoy it? Well, we got you covered! We reached out to our dance community to find out their favorite parts of dance intensives to hopefully inspire you to try one out.

  1. Being able to learn something new and from different teachers other than regular training. 

  1. Meeting other dancers from different parts of the world gives so much inspiration. ❤️

  1. Learning from choreographers that one may not have gotten the chance to work with otherwise.

  1. Bonding with friends!

  1. Getting to work with teachers and choreographers from all over the world in one place and taking a wide variety of classes. It breathes life back into dancing while working one hard for a short period of time.

Those are all great parts of dance intensives! What are your favorite parts of dance intensives? And shoutout to our awesome dance community for helping contribute to this article:





By: AJ (Intern)

Aug 26, 2022

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