Technique: Five Foot Stretches to Add your Routine

Love your feet a little this summer with these five exercise that you can add to any stretching routine.

Here are five foot stretches you should add to your stretch routine today:

  1. Rolling Out
  2. Towel Stretches
  3. Sit Back On Heels
  4. Rubber Band Toes
  5. Towel Curl

Let get a little deeper on each one, shall we.

Rolling Out

Using a racquetball or a warm water bottle, roll out the arch of each foot. Slowly roll from the heel to the toes. Control the pressure by shifting more weight on to the foot.

Pro-tip: After a long day of rehearsal, roll out your feet with a frozen water bottle.

Towel Stretches

This stretch is simple and extremely effective. Roll up a hand towel and place the top of your foot on the towel. Gently sit back on your heel while assuring that your foot stays aligned. Hold the stretch then switch feet.

Sit Back On Heels

Beginning on all fours, curl your toes under. Slowly shift your weight back onto your heels. Once you are in the stretch, take your hands into either a prayer position or use them to help guide the stretch.

Rubber Band Toes

Place a hair tie/rubber band around your toes. Work on spreading your toes out as wide as they can go or lifting up each toe one at a time. While this exercise can be done without a rubber band, it helps to add additional resistance.

Towel Curl

Warm up your toes and arches by scrunching up a hand towel with your toes. First, place a hand towel spread out on the floor. Next, place your toes on the edge of the towel. Begin scrunching the towel up underneath the foot by curling and extending your toes. Repeat this process several times.

Jul 31, 2018

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