Is Dance A Sport Or An Art Form?

Is dance a sport or an art form? A question either you have been asked or maybe you asked someone yourself. While dance is a physical activity, you don’t have to compete. Dance is a way of expressing emotions and telling a story, but it’s more physically demanding than other forms of expression. So, we’re giving our opinion today! We reached out to our dance community to find out their thoughts.

  1. You definitely need both for dance 🙌❤️❤️

  1. I think it’s different for everyone and comes down to why someone dances ❤️

  1. Definitely takes an artist to perform the athletic feat required in dance ❤️ so both!

  1. Both because you need artistry & stamina 🙌

  1. It's an art that takes an athlete to perform.

  1. Absolutely both. It takes strength, stamina and training to do the movements but it takes art to make them truly beautiful.

  1. Both sport because it requires athleticism and art form because you are experiencing and expressing your feelings through it.

  1. Dancers are athletes and take their athleticism beyond performance to artistic. Sports Athletes are judged at a physical performance and dancers are judged on both athletic performance as well as emotional artist performance.

  1. It is definitely both. It takes the strength of a skilled form of sport to do the moves or pointe to dance and the strength to do the art form of dancing to show the skills and grace of a dancer.

  1. Both because it is impossible to do well without the strength of an athlete and the grace and elegance of a brush and on a canvas.

  1. Both because dancers train hours and hours and many days weekly, monthly and yearly. It is a sport because it involves so many muscles that other athletes don’t even use or if they do they don’t use them right. It’s also an art form because it is a form of telling a story or expressing how someone or something is. 

All of these are awesome answers! What are your thoughts, is dance a sport or an art form? And shoutout to our amazing community for helping contribute to this article:











Stephen CW

Susan Cronan Picou

Lexi Zelensky

By: AJ (Intern)

Jul 8, 2022

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