If You Could Only Do One Style Of Dance For The Rest Of Your Life, Which Would You Choose?

While we may never have to choose one style of dance to do for the rest of our lives, this question is DEFINITELY a conversation starter. We reached out to our dance community to find out what style they would choose. Here’s the list from most answered to least answered.

  1. Ballet

  1. Contemporary

  1. Jazz

  1. Tap

  1. Lyrical

  1. Hip-hop

  1. I can't choose

What style of dance would you choose? Would you pick a different style such as acro or ballroom or one of the styles our dance community chose? Speaking of dance community, shout out to these amazing people who helped contribute to this article:

@lillerinaballerina, @jennanzdancer, @esmeballerina, @lily_mae_ballerina @sienna_tinydancerslife @chantele.bruton, @christodar, @ellie_dancer_07, @adriannalisamarion, @pawbrownphoto, @nevdances, @anastasia.ch17, @shianne.berger, @alygator.nz, @lovelovelovem, @mariak_dancer01, @emma_dyson3, @luciaisabel_dancestudent @shianna_dance17, @parnazmirdehghani, @jaz.a.jas

By AJ (Intern)

Mar 29, 2021

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