If Dancers Could Have Any Superpower, Here Is What They Would Pick

Even though we may be flexible and be able to do multiple turns, dancers want superpowers too. Wouldn’t it be nice to do turns all day without getting dizzy? What about getting to dance early from school instead of late? We reached out to our amazing dance community and asked them, and here’s what they came up with!

  1. Freeze time

  1. Flying at the speed of light

  1. Teleport

  1. Amazing jump

We wish we could have those superpowers! In fact, we came up with few ourselves.

  1. The ability to not get dizzy after turns
  1. Run at lightning speed

  1. Being naturally flexible without stretching

  1. The ability to never lose a bobby pin

  1. Snapping fingers to change outfits/costumes/hair/makeup

Even though we don’t have some of these cool abilities, we’re still excellent dancers. Maybe one day teachers will release students earlier so they can get to dance classes on time. Maybe stretching and practicing can improve our flexibility and jump skills. Or maybe superpowers will be possible in the future.... Anyways, shoutout to our awesome dance community for contributing to this article:






By: AJ (Intern)

May 14, 2021

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