I Want To Dance, But Where Do I Start?

Dance is such a fun way to express emotions, and it’s a great physical activity. But it can DEFINITELY be overwhelming when you see all those dancers going to conventions, competitions, and taking numerous dance classes. Dance is a lot to take in, so where do you start? How many dance classes should you take when you first start? What styles of dance should you start with? We got you covered! We asked our dance community how many classes they took when they first started, and some also told what styles they took when they first started:

  1. Once a week! But I only started with tap. I didn’t add jazz class till the next year.
  1. As many as possible❤️
  1. 2 classes.
  1. Just one hour, once a week.💓🩰
  1. At age three I took ballet and tap once a week💗
  1. 1.5 hrs a week.

Given the response from our awesome dance community, it might be best to start with 1-2 classes a week. We also recommend starting with Ballet, Jazz, and/or Tap. Unless you want to, you don’t have to start with taking every class on the planet. You can always ease yourself into dance. Hopefully you now have a better grasp on where to start. Also thank you to our dance community for helping contribute to this article:








By: AJ (Intern)

Jul 23, 2021

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